About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

I consider myself a lifelong student and practitioner of the art of investing.

I started this blog to see if the act of trying to put my thoughts down would help me better refine some of my investment ideas and beliefs around portfolio management while also maybe resulting in greater consistency.

I invest for the purpose of trying to increase my purchasing power in real terms over time. I think that’s the real goal of all investing, though it gets lost in a sea of noise.

I do not consider myself a value investor or growth investor, but rather an absolute investor.  I am after consistent high rates of asymmetric positive returns – that is, I’m trying to make money as close as possible to all the time.

I find it useful to think of myself as a gambler entering a casino with a grubstake, except that in this particular gaming establishment, there are occasionally games with odds in my favor. I am, as Charlie Munger said, “looking for the mis-priced gamble.”